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IRS Streamlined Procedures for Non-Compliant U.S. Taxpayers Living Abroad and Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program ("OVDI")

In recognition that some U.S. citizens living abroad have failed to file annual U.S. Federal income tax returns and foreign bank account reports (FBARs), the IRS has designed a streamlined procedure to allow taxpayers to enter the IRS tax filing system and then be considered in “good standing”. Many factors and requirements apply, but primarily this procedure is available for U.S. taxpayers that have resided outside the U.S. since January 1, 2009 and have not filed U.S. income tax returns for at least 3 years. Among the strict requirements for being accepted under the IRS streamlined process are: a) filing three years of U.S. income tax returns, b) filing six years of FBARs, c) writing a detailed explanation, delineating your non-willfulness and delinquency and attaching it to your tax returns. The IRS will expedite the review process and may not assess penalties for taxpayers filing under this procedure. Taxpayers not meeting the requirements of the streamlined process can avail themselves of the IRS Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program (please contact our office for more details about OVDI)

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