Tax return preparation for Individuals 

Get help with saving money on taxes and filing your business tax return forms. We provide tax services for C-Corporations, S-Corporations, Partnerships, LLCs, LLPs and more. Plus, you can get tax-savings strategies from our year-end tax planning to reduce your taxes.


Business tax preparation services include:

  • Regular C-Corporation tax returns – form 1120

  • Sub-S Corporation tax returns – form 1120S

  • Partnership tax returns – form 1065

  • LLC and LLP tax returns – form 1065

  • Year-end tax planning to reduce taxes

  • State and local tax returns

  • Your tax return is prepared and signed by an experienced licenced U.S. CPA.  

  • We can identify "red flags" which may cause the IRS to look more closely on your tax return.

  • Understand your financial health, which allow us to offer value-added ideas to improve your finances.


Our goal is to maximize your after-tax cash flow while minimizing the risk of audit. 

Leave the Stress of Tax Season to the Professionals  


Minster & Kohavi 

Certified Public Accountants

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